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Saturday, January 24, 2009

New on Google Maps

I noticed on Friday that Google Maps has updated its imagery for Washington, DC. How did I notice? Well, this wasn't there before:

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Other cool areas you can check out changes:
-Columbia Heights
-Silver Spring

I was disappointed to see that National Harbor hasn't been updated. Post any other cool areas where you've seen a change. I love watching the city evolve over time. And we're lucky to be living in a city that's changing for the better.


IMGoph said...

check out downtown, too. no more old convention center!

looks like everything inside the district was brought up-to-date, with the exception of the area around the white house, capitol complex, and naval observatory.

The AMT said...

One thing that hasn't been updated (at least not correctly), though is the photo they have when you search for Union Station. Wrong building, and even the photo they use is out of date...,-77006399,16115293776013369418&ll=38.902205,-77.005427&spn=0.01042,0.014763&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A&iwd=1&dtab=5

Dan Reed said...

Where in Silver Spring? Downtown, at least, looks the same.

Dave Murphy said...

The area in the southern part, around the Falklands... nothing has changed, but you can tell it's a newer photo. Not that exciting I guess. Can't believe I missed the Convention Center.

Carmen said...

Dave, You would find this. Do you fall asleep to Google Maps the way you used to with the giant atlas?