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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Great Metro Vision

Beyond DC, GGW, and Track Twenty Nine have all done incredible visions of what Metro could look like in the future. Now Цаrьchitect has envisioned something entirely different for the Blue Line.

I highly recommend checking Цаrьchitect's map and his description of the proposal. One of these days, I promise I'll get my own out onto the internet.


Neil said...

Thanks for the link. I'm going to have to make a few corrections before this inevitably gets more eyes on it.

Also, давайте на Neil Tsar just seems a little presumptuous for a little pun

Anonymous said...

This might be my favorite Metro Dream Map so far. That circular brown line seems like such an obvious best choice for making use of existing and planned track. Treating the blue line as a hairpin rather than having it revert to its current alignment at "Stadium Armory" is also really smart, and helps to keep the map readable at the New Carrollton and Largo ends. What I like most about this map is its economy: the service improvements it would achieve with relatively little track additional to what WMATA already intends.

Not that I imagine Metro Dream Map makers are in competition, but I'd say you've got your work cut out for you after this one, Dave.

One thing I'd point out after all the recent discussion on GGW is that, if the National Hospital Center is the "most dense commuter destination not served by transit rail", perhaps a streetcar there, depending on the precise location of the LeDroit Park stop...

Daniel M. Laenker said...

What a glorious vision! I've seen ideas for a Circle Line but this is the most plausible yet, and certainly relieves almost all of the current problems with Metro expansion plans.

I've argued for a while now that the Silver Line would best serve the core by splitting off from the Orange Line at Court House, running along what would be the Circle Line's southern flank between Arlington Cemetery and Navy Yard, and terminating at Anacostia, where a pocket track currently exists. This would feed much more of the "Orange Crush" into the downtown core than is currently feasible and open up both Near Southeast and Anacostia to greater growth potential.

I think that's a fair trade for a somewhat more complex transfer from the Red Line.

Daniel M. Laenker said...

If I can add further, the only changes I'd make are an infill station at Montgomery College, expansion of the Green Line to Andrews AFB in the southeast and at least Fort Meade or Konterra in the northeast, and maybe future Orange Line expansion to Centreville or even Manassas.

I'd also like to add that I'm delighted that Cleveland Park has been designated the Zoo station, and the station name at DCA is hilarious.

Carmen said...

It's like metro utopia. If only it went all the way to Annapolis and Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Post your own metro fantasy map soon! be sure to include right rail and street cars in it.