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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Highways Schmighways

Last night, I was the designated driver, and me and my friends wound up out in down town Bethesda past Metro's closing time. So I drove my one buddy back to Rosslyn. At his request, I took Old Georgetown Road to the Beltway, then the GW Parkway to the US50 exit to get to his place.

On a whim, I decided to take the Key Bridge to M St and then Wisconsin Avenue back towards Bethesda to see how much longer it would have been. Now mind you, this was 3 a.m., but it took 8 minutes less to shoot up Wisconsin, and that's including a stop for gas.

Just thought it was interesting.


Thomas Hardman said...

If it's not rush hour, you're almost guaranteed to get there fastest by going through town, at least on the Rockville to Clarendon run.

Chelsea said...

I think taking Foxhall from the Key Bridge and connecting to Wisconsin near AU would be faster than Wisconsin all the way. I live in Friendship Heights and usually take Foxhall down, take the Key Bridge and get on 395 from there. Super fast, few lights.

TripleE said...

This is DEFINITELY because it was 3 AM. I've done this at other times, and can tall you that the lights and stupid drivers on Wisconsin just aren't worth it when there's more than a few cars.

That said, the person who mentioned Foxhall is dead on. I also live Friendship Heights, and Foxhall and/or Canal always seem to be more than worth either route.